Colloidal Resource


Bringing our insights to Procter & Gamble

“Colloidal Resource has brought great insights and value to real world problems in our product development cycle. They have a great balance of being focused on the end product and also bring best in class scientific thinking and approaches”
Eric S. Johnson, P&G Beauty

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Meet Samo the MRI wizard

Samo has a PhD in Physics from the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia, and is an expert on diffusion NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resoncance).

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Adding value through science

We are a team of innovative experts with a background in chemistry and physics. Together, we create new possibilities for our customers based on science.
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OncoPulse™ is the first in the series of diffusion based MRI technologies that are in the front line of MRI development: the double PGSE technology. OncoPulse is a prize awarded technology that can offer an alternative to mammography and breast biopsies in the diagnosis of breast cancer. OncoPulse can also be used for in-vitro analysis of cells.

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